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About Appleton Crankshaft

Established in 1958

Appleton Crankshaft was started in 1958 by William Faubel on Douglas Street in Appleton, WI. Initially, it was a small shop for grinding crankshafts.

In 1970, David Thomson started assisting Bill with rod work, balancing, and drive shaft repairing. A brand-new shop was started by them in 1970 at 2000 W. Spencer Street. In 1982, David Hartman started to help with the expansive workload.

In 1986, David Thomson and David Hartman purchased the business from Bill. They added all the necessary equipment to make it a full-fledged auto machine shop.

The David's worked together as partners for 22 years. It came to an end when David Thomson retired in 2008.

"Appleton Crankshaft would like to thank you for being so loyal and appreciative. We will continue to serve you with outstanding engine services. Get in touch with us!"
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