Engine Rebuilds

Reliable Engine Mechanics in Appleton, WI

Let Our Professionals Rebuild Your Engine Efficiently

Looking for a machine shop that can do all of your engine work on your stock or modified motor? Someone who will work with you, give you the recommendations and the parts you need? Come see Appleton CrankShaft today!

Our machinists have the skills and the know-how to bring your engine back to life. We mainly work on auto, marine, performance, agricultural, and small engines. Visit us at 2000 W Spencer Street for your engine rebuilding needs.

Extensive Engine Rebuilding Services

  • Engine machine work
  • Hot tanking
  • Magnafluxing (in dry and wet conditions)
  • Engine boring
  • Engine cylinder honing
  • Block resurfacing
  • Line boring and line honing
  • Connecting rod reconditioning
  • Piston and connecting rod assembly
  • Camshaft bearing installation
  • Engine balancing
  • Cylinder head reconditioning
  • Pressure test cyclinder heads
  • Checking for cracks in engine parts
  • Crankshaft grinding 
  • Valve grinding
  • Partial and complete assemblies
Contact us to learn more about our engine rebuilding services.
We are a member of the Automotive Engine Rebuilders Association.
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