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Information On Hydraulic Vavle Adjusting

To properly adjust vavle lash using a hydraulic flat tappet camshaft, a sequence must be followed. 
  • Begin by working a single cyclinder at a time
  • Turn the engine over by hand, or, have an assistant "bump" the engine over with it's starter
  • When the exhaust valve begins to open, STOP!
  • Adjust the lash of the intake valve at this time
  • Continue turing engine while paying attention to the intake valve
  • Stop turning engine when the intake valve has opened and is 3/4 closed
  • Adjust the exhaust valve at this time
  • Lash adjustment is acheived by sliding the pushrod up and down between the rocker arm and lifter while slowly tighthening the rocker arm adjustment nut. 
  • When pushrod has no freeplay between the lifter and the rocker arm, STOP!
  • Turn the nut 1/2 turn further to preload the lifter


Cubic Inch Formula: 
  • Bore x Bore x Stroke x .7854 x Number of cylinders
Metric to US: 
  • Metric x .03937 = American 
US to Metric: 
  • American x 25.4 = Metric
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